Armenia: the country

It was 11 years ago that I first set foot in Armenia,  my homeland. At the time I was barely a teenager and more concerned with travelling alone with my choir &  friends than I was with actually seeing and experiencing the country. This time around, obviously things were different. For starters, I decided to travel alone, and rather than cramming many locations and acting like a total tourist, I decided to experience the country as a local – as much as I could anyway. So most of my 1 week trip was spent in Yerevan, the capital, with only a couple of day-trips outside the city.

I gotta say I had low expectations prior to my trip, but it only took 7 days for me to fall completely in love with my country.

Some of the things that I loved about Armenia:

  • The cleanness of the air
  • The impeccable urban planning of Yerevan. (click the link to see exactly what I mean)
  • The fact that there are countless parks and public spaces all around Yerevan
  • The architecture of the old buildings and the use of the unique stones available in Armenia
  • The safety (I was out till 1am at night, walking the streets and didn’t feel the least bit threatened. Granted I wasn’t walking alone, but still!)
  • The fact that there are water fountains around street corners in Yerevan, where you can drink as you go from one place to the other
  • Did I mention the nature of Armenia??

I could obviously go on about what I love about the country, but I might as well show you a bit of it too.

From the nature:

To the architecture:

And more specifically, the architecture and mood of the many churches:

And the best view of the entire trip, finally seeing Mount Ararat clearly!


PS: this is Part 1 of my Armenia trip blog posts. There will be 2 more to come along the coming weeks (one focusing on the people), so stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Armenia: the country

  1. Mary says:

    more! more!!

  2. Anarya Andir says:

    Love the photos! It’s been my dream to visit Armenia. Hope I can do it some day!

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