Roadtrip Season

The cool thing about vacations- besides all the sleeping in and not working-  is that you get to spend time with friends and if you’re not lazy enough, go on road-trips and discover new places together. That’s exactly what I did this past weekend when a couple of friends and I decided to go to Kefraya and check out the winery there since non of us had been to it before.

So we get to Chateau Kefraya and book the tour to see the area around the winery. After a bit of waiting, we see this tractor, pulling a wagon-type cart and we’re told to hop on for our tour!

I gotta say it was really a funny experience holding on to dear life sitting in the cart and going round the area. We got to see the vineyards and were then taken to an ancient Roman site where they used to bury their dead. We later dined in the Chateau restaurant. Overall it was one relaxing day!


The sites from the wagon we were on.










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2 thoughts on “Roadtrip Season

  1. HishamAD says:

    I love the vehicle of death photos.
    I went to Ksara. Will be blogging soon 🙂

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